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The Wii Laptop

The Wii Laptop

by Bradley DeLorenzoJanuary 19, 2007

Who would’ve thought that a portable Wii system would be built so soon after the release? Can you guess who his behind this? Of course it’s your favourite modder, Ben Heckendorn.
He writes that it took a few weeks and also states that starting next Tuesday he’ll be releasing a how-to trilogy. So get your tools out now in anticipation.
The article doesn’t state who exactly was working on this project, but since at least Ben Heckendorn was, we’re all in for a treat.
But how portable, as we know the word today, is it really? Read on for my opinion and be sure to tell us yours.

Now to the interesting things, the facts.

  • 16:9; 7 inch LCD
  • stereo sound
  • one Gamecube controller port
  • built-in sensor bar
  • port for the original sensor bar and audio/video output for external displays
  • built-in power supply and compartment for power cord
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 7.7 x 2-inches

The built-in sensor bar allows you to play from a closer range, considering the screen is that small it’s a good thing. And if you hook up an external TV, no threat, hook up the original sensor bar and switch into console mode for the known enjoyment. Too bad it only has one Gamecube controller port, considering some of the best Gamecube games are multiplayer fun. And where do we put the Gamecube memory card? I wouldn’t go as far as calling it portable because it states no where that it has a battery, only that the power supply is built in. Only four more days till we see how it’s done. In the meantime enjoy more pictures and a short video over at Engadget.

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