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Wii Sports Experiment, from Digg to book

Wii Sports Experiment, from Digg to book

by Bradley DeLorenzoJanuary 30, 2007

wii 2 weeks later

This is a follow-up to the “Wii Sports Experiment” article I conducted and wrote.

First of all I’d like to thank EVERYONE who has emailed me, it’s really great to hear such positive feedback and it’s really a nice feeling to hear you’ve inspired people to not only purchase a Wii, but to use my experiment as a motivator to create their own Wii Workouts.

I’d also like to let everyone know about my plans for “Round 2” of the Wii Sports Experiment, and to share with you all of the press coverage and different opportunities that have arisen.

Also, I tried to follow the “media trail” of my little experiment, so down at the bottom of this page I tried to map out how I went from just simply submitting my Wii Sports Experiment article to to ultimately literary representation with a great literary agency on Fifth Avenue in NYC, Sanford J. Greenburger Associates, Inc.

OK, let’s jump right into the media coverage, I compiled a list of some of the news agencies that I have been interviewed by. I’m still compiling links to some of these and I’m actually still in the process of giving interviews, so I’ll update this section as I get more elements.

NBC 10 Television Report – Watch
MyPhl17 Television Report – Watch
!10 Show Television Talk Show – Watch
6ABC Television Report – Watch
FOX29 Television Report – Watch
CityTV – Watch
MSN’s ConnectedLife – Watch
CBS3 Wii Fit Interview – Watch

Nintendo displays my footage at E3 – Watch

BBC Radio One – News Beat – Listen
BBC Radio Five Live
BBC Radio Asian Network
CBS Radio WCBS NYC- Listen
CBS Radio KMOX St. Louis
FreeFM WYSP – Listen
B101 Philadelphia
Q102 Philadelphia
Opie and Anthony (explicit) – Listen
105.7 Salt Lake City
WZZEE-FM Madison
WKQI – Detroit
New Zealand Radio

Podcasts – Podcast – Podcast

TIME – Year in Review – View
The New York Times – View
Sweat Spot
Men’s Journal (Oct. 2008) – View
The Philadelphia Inquirer – View
South Philadelphia Review – View
The Washington Post – View
The LA Times
NY Daily News – View
Sydney Morning Herald
Metro UK
The Straits Times (Singapore)
VCD Magazine – View


CNN – View
FoxNews – View
Yahoo! News – View
Yahoo! News UK – View
Chicago Tribune – View
MSN – View
Netscape – View – View
TIME Magazine – View
LA Times – View
Associated Content – View
Good Morning Silicon Valley – View
The Inquirer – View
Philadelphia Weekly – View
Philadelphia Will Do – View
The Washington Post – View
NBC 10 Health Watch – View
Newsday – View
MetroUK – View
NY Times – View
New York Times (printed version online) – View – View
C-NET News – View
RegHardware – View
IGN – View
The Journal Gazzette – View
GameSpot – View
GamerSquad – View
Games Radar – View
BBC Radio One – View
New Zealand Stuff – View
Sydney Morning Herald – View
San Mateo County Times – View
MarketingVOX – View
Forbes – View
Afterdawn – View
Red Herring – View
eMediaWire – View
India Times – View

I know there’s hundreds of other sites, thanks to everyone who covered the story!
I used towards the end of my Wii Sports Experiment (I wish I used them the whole time…) and I was approached by Traineo after they saw that I used their site during my experiment. I was asked to team up with them to create Wii specific training tools on I loved Traineo as a site and was honored to be asked to help out as much as possible. The Wii Workout and competition section of their site is set to launch this Thursday (Feb. 1st), so make sure to check back here for further info in the coming days. For now, you can still sign-up to Traineo and join the Wii group on there.

Literary Agency
After my story broke on local news, The Philadelphia Inquirer and on TV during the NBC 10 O’clock news I received an email from, Jeremy Katz, who was excited about my project and wanted to develop a book with me.

Jeremy was an editor for 15 years, first at St. Martin’s Press, where he published the #1 New York Times Bestseller THE ARTHRITIS CURE. He then joined Putnam, publishing breakout health, fitness, and narrative titles. Katz was recruited by Rodale to lead its nascent Men’s Health and Sports Book Group, publishing more than 30 titles a year and helping to define the modern notion of men’s publishing. While there, he published two New York Times Bestsellers: PETE ROSE: MY PRISION WITHOUT BARS (#1) and million-copy franchise THE ABS DIET.

Jeremy is now with Sanford. J. Greenburger Associates. Its prestigious reputation, built representing such icons as Kafka and Sartre, provides the foundation for the dynamic and independent spirit of the agency today. With over two dozen New York Times bestsellers in two decades, SJGA provides representation to contemporary authors including Nelson DeMille and Dan Brown.

The Media Trail
It’s funny to see your story move through the media circuit. It has taken me from Philadelphia to San Francisco to London to Australia to Singapore. I tried to track how my story moved around, below is a few of the companies that have featured the story and it shows who picked it up next. It’s actually still in motion, I hope I can make a new one where it ends with “Nintendo of America”

media trail


Have you heard from Nintendo?
Unfortunately, no. But, I have had indirect contact with them. has been in touch with Nintendo’s PR team and they are very excited to work with If you missed it above, I’ve teamed up with to create a competition / workout area on their site focusing on the Wii. The Wii Sports Experiment is going to be used as their “case study/poster boy”.

Do you still keep up the 30 minutes a day?
I’ve actually been consumed by interviews and work and have not kept up the 30 minutes everyday. I still play fairly often and I just weighed myself last night and I’m one ounce less than my final weight, so I’ve been maintaining my weight at the very least. I will most likely start a more controlled workout with a real trainer to gather “scientific” data for the book I’m working on (see above).

Inbox, RE: Wii Sports Experiment:

“On behalf of all the blokes around the world, we want to thank you for giving us an excuse to play video games to our wives and girlfriends, cheers” – New Zealand Radio DJ

“Congratulations on your success. This is really a great story” – Saif

“Hi Wii champ! I was very amazed about the results of your totally cool experiment!” – Debby

“I knew that Wii sports gave you a workout, but I never thought it could actually be used as an exercise routine. I’m going to start playing Wii Sports for a half-hour a day.” – Logan

“Great job on the “Wii Diet”, It’s very impressive what you’ve done.” – Lisette

“I’m from London, UK, but i was just looking on the news when your story popped up. I want to congratulate you on your achievement and to say that i think more people should do what you have done.” – Kate

“Hey man, just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your site.” – Ethan

“Wow! I have seen the commercials on this nintendo and thought it was a new neat and cool idea. I’m a mother of three and I’m totally against the kids sitting around playing video games (seeing as the big thing is kids of america are getting fat and lazy). Now I beleive i’m sold and will buy my children this (me and my husband too) and i will no longer have to hear “can i have a nintendo all my freinds have one�?, because we will too and I won’t have to worry about my family and if they are being active because we will be! Thanks.” – Beth

“First of all, nice experiment you’ve done right there. I am going to start exercising too with wii sports everyday!” – Martain

“It is inspirational .. We all need something and you found yours! Good for you!” – Giovanina

“Awesome job with the contest and good job with the site, it is now added in my favorites!” – Scott

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