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NintendoFuse presents, Wii Sounds

NintendoFuse presents, Wii Sounds

by Bradley DeLorenzoFebruary 12, 2007

Wii Sounds

After implementing Wii interface sounds into WiiNintendo’s sister site, and using Wii Sports sounds in a video, I’ve been asked dozens of times if I could send them the sounds I recorded directly off the Wii. I decided to release WiiNintendo’s first album entitled “Wii Sounds”, this album is a free download via SendSpace or Torrent and includes such classics as:

– Wii Menu Background
– Wii Channel Startup
– Wii Channel Rollover
– Wii Channel Rollover Bass
– Wii Channel Select
– Mii Channel
– Forecast Channel
– Wii Sports Intro
– News Channel Startup
– and MORE!

Download interface sounds NOW!

After putting up the Wii Interface sounds I came across a lot of Wii music from a forum member on, follow the link below to grab the following:

– Elebits Menu
– Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess – Midnas Theme
– Super Monkey Ball – Menu
– Super Monkey Ball – World 1 BB
– Super Monkey Ball BB – Party Game Theme 1
– Super Monkey Ball BB – World 2
– Wii Menu – Primary Music

This is a collection of Music From Wii Sports.
– Baseball -Thats the Game
– Bowling -Game Finished
– Boxing -After the Bout
– Golf -After the Hole
– Golf -Select a course
– Tennis -After the Match
– Tennis -Player Select
– Wii Sports Theme – Ringtone
– Wii Sports Theme

This is a collection of music from the Wii Channels.
– Mii Channel
– Photo Channel Beautiful
– Shop Channel Title
– Shop Channel
– Weather Channel – Globe Location
– Weather Channel – Globe
– Weather Channel

Download these sounds, here
Digg User “pacodg” has a torrent with most of these tracks as well, here

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