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W14 Piranha Wii Shooting Gun

W14 Piranha Wii Shooting Gun

by Bradley DeLorenzoApril 26, 2007

Want to really get in the action and feel like your really blastin’ heads off?

Well, now you don’t have to wait for the Zapper!

Piranha has developed a gun called the W14 Piranha. It has a nice sleek design to it, and instead of going with the shotgun look like the zapper, they went for the handgun (which i happen to like better).

Check it:


– Rubber coating for a better grip
– ‘Plug & Play’: easy to install
– One gun for all of action
– Nice and realistic design
– Real trigger
– Nunchuk and Wiimote in one
– Safe and strong hold of your Wiimote

This gun is a perfect for for the upcoming Resident Evil titles. With Resident Evil 4 on the way in 2 months, i would consider this a smart purchase, it would enhance your gameplay and have you jumping around everywhere (I know it will make me!)

Nice Job Piranha!

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