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Wii Duck Hunt around the corner?

Wii Duck Hunt around the corner?

by Bradley DeLorenzoJuly 26, 2007

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We’ve seen pieces of Duck Hunt in Wii Play, we’ve been teased with Flash versions of the game to play with the Wii Opera browser, we’ve even seen “Ultimate Duck Hunting” for the Wii due this August…

It’s inevitable that this game WILL come out, but I think it’s release is coming sooner than we all think. With the announcement of the Wii Zapper at E3, Reggie’s “Big News in September” announcement, and last but not least EB Games has a list of games that are compatiable with a third party Wii Zapper, called “Wii Blaster”, it says that the Wii Blaster is:

Perfectly Compatible with:
# 1. Nintendo Duck Hunt
# 2. Nintendo Wii Play
# 3. Destination Chicken Shoot
# 4. Capcom Resident Evil 4
# 5. Nintendo Metroid Prime 3
# 6. UbiSoft Brothers in Arms
# 7. Sega Ghost Squad
# 8. Capcom Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicals

Ummm, Nintendo Duck Hunt? at number 1…

I know I know this is EB not a Nintendo Press Release, but EB has been right about 4-5 rumors long before they were officially announced.

I’m putting my money on an October release date for Duck Hunt, which will also have a “retro” mode that’s unlockable where you can play the original and maybe even Hogan’s Alley.

Thanks moolcool for the EB tip!

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