A Wii lid that doesn’t flap.

If you are like moste, then the flaps that cover the legacy Gamecube controller and memory card ports on the top of the Wii are bother some to you. if you keep your Wii in the horizontal position, the hinges are actually hindered by whatever surface the Wii rests upon. Apparently, the folks at Cyber Gadget have had enough of this obstruction, and have released a single replacement for the two, called the “Cyber Lid.”

For $8.66, you too can own this sleek and functional piece of molded plastic, which replaces those bulky and cumbersome flaps with small sliding panels (for the controller ports) and rubber stoppers (for the memory cards). Now you can enjoy your old Gamecube library without haveing to be constantly reminded of the borderline retarded design of this particular part of the Wii.

Or you can just remove your flaps altogether.

Cyber Lid


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  • http://shanoboy.com shanoboy

    How about a link to this great piece of plastic. I could just look it up on google but I’m lazy. :)

  • Max

    It’s up there click on “Apparently, the folks at Cyber Gadget have had” Cyber Gadget. It’s from a japan site.

  • Manu

    will that product even ship to north america?

  • Max

    From what I understand yes, but I’ll look into it more and see if there might even be an American release.

    (Give me until Monday or so)

  • Max

    As of now no, joystiq is waiting for any word (as are we) of a Release for other major territories to save us from the stupid flap.

    I’ll be sure to post the latest if I hear of anything.

  • bobo

    does it work with the Wavebird? I assume it would, but you never know.