Whats this Brown box doing here?

A package was sitting on my doorstep this evening. A brown box from Red Octane to be exact. I had already received my replacement disc from them, so I had no idea what it was.


Click “more” button to find out what was inside.

Inside I found a wonderful little note accompanied by a Guitar Hero faceplate.



How nice of them right? I enjoyed the little suprise and now have a good looking wii guitar.

sexy guitar

Has anyone else received their “brown box” yet.

If so, was it the same faceplate or was it another one?


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  • Paulo

    i just got this today, as well… it’s kind of ugly.

  • Luke


    cant wait!

  • ESP2000

    I have not recieved one yet. Hope that I do though

  • mazer4455

    remember, you only get you if you applied for the replacement disc.
    otherwise you wont get one.

  • cg

    Got the same one tonight, I was like wtf is in this box????

  • scullum2001

    haha so i still haven’t sent my game disc in yet. i really need to do that.

  • ESP2000

    I did send in my disc for a replacement. Hopefully I will get one within the next couple of days then.

  • ESP2000

    Actually just got my faceplate right now. It is the same as is pictured above.

  • Luigison

    I got the same one yesterday.

  • http://fadecy.blogspot.com fadecy

    so… is this thing good for UK residents? Or is it just USA? If it’s good for uk I might go through the hassle of replacing my disk.

  • LinkThePhantom

    I sent it in. Hopefully I get it this week.

  • LyokoFreaks

    I already got this plate with my bundle so I hope I get a different one. I don’t see that happening for some reason, though…

  • goheat

    For those who got the new faceplate, how long after you received the replacement disc did it take for you get the faceplate?

  • Daniel

    It’s funny for me. I got that faceplate on Friday, 16 days after Activision said they received my disc for replacement, but I still haven’t gotten the replacement disc yet. :-/

  • Will

    Just gave me incentive to send that disk back ASAP. Nice faceplate and interesting to see you’re from Santa Fe Springs, I grew up in Whittier.

  • mazer4455

    I dont live in santa fe, that is just there nearest office.
    But yes, I do live in neighboring cities.

  • Ayce

    Got my face plate today and got my disc about a month 3-4 weeks ago

  • CJ

    Did anyone get the faceplate before their replacement disk came? Or, only after it came?

  • Matt

    I did. I sent my disk back in July, then today this showed up, I thought it was the disk. Still waiting on the disk to come back.

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