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Mario Kart Wii Soundtrack!

Mario Kart Wii Soundtrack!

by Bradley DeLorenzoApril 14, 2008

mario kart wii soundtrack

100 mp3 tracks of Mario Kart Wii goodness.

Only download if you own the game:
Torrent Here – 382MBUploaded by hey_suburbia

Ripped by GeekShadow
320kbps MP3

Enjoy 🙂

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Mario Kart Wii Soundtrack

Watch my 2 hour video of all 32 tracks, direct feed 150cc!

Watch my 20 minute video of WFC and Battle Mode

Share your friend code and setup/join competitions in our forums I’ve provided the track list below (100 tracks):

01_n block F_brstm.mp3
02_n block n_brstm.mp3
03_n BossMI 32_brstm.mp3
04_n casino F_brstm.mp3
05_n casino n_brstm.mp3
06_n Circuit32 f_brstm.mp3
07_n Circuit32 n_brstm.mp3
08_n Daisy32 f_brstm.mp3
09_n Daisy32 n_brstm.mp3
10_n Farm F_brstm.mp3
11_n Farm n_brstm.mp3
12_n Kinoko F_brstm.mp3
13_n Kinoko n_brstm.mp3
14_n maple F_brstm.mp3
15_n maple n_brstm.mp3
16_n Rainbow32 f_brstm.mp3
17_n Rainbow32 n_brstm.mp3
18_n ryuusa F_brstm.mp3
19_n ryuusa n_brstm.mp3
20_n Shopping32 f_brstm.mp3
21_n Shopping32 n_brstm.mp3
22_n skate F_brstm.mp3
23_n skate n_brstm.mp3
24_n Snowboard32 F_brstm.mp3
25_n Snowboard32 n_brstm.mp3
26_n venice F_brstm.mp3
27_n venice n_brstm.mp3
28_n Volcano32 f_brstm.mp3
29_n Volcano32 n_brstm.mp3
30_o Crs In Fan_brstm.mp3
31_o Crs In Fan battle_brstm.mp3
32_o Crs In Fan mission_brstm.mp3
33_o Crs In Fan Wifi_brstm.mp3
34_o Ending PartA 32_brstm.mp3
35_o FanfareBTdraw 32_brstm.mp3
36_o FanfareGP1 32_brstm.mp3
37_o FanfareGP1 only32_brstm.mp3
38_o FanfareGP2 32_brstm.mp3
39_o FanfareGP2 only32_brstm.mp3
40_o FanfareGPdame 32_brstm.mp3
41_o FanfareGPdame only32_brstm.mp3
42_o FanfareMIlose 32_brstm.mp3
44_o FanfareMIwin 32_brstm.mp3
45_o FanfareMIwin only32_brstm.mp3
46_o FanfareMIWinBoss 32_brstm.mp3
47_o FanfareTA1st 32_brstm.mp3
48_o FanfareTA1st only32_brstm.mp3
49_o hyousyou cut_brstm.mp3
50_o hyousyou lose_brstm.mp3
51_o hyousyou normal_brstm.mp3
52_o hyousyou winningrun_brstm.mp3
53_o Option 32_brstm.mp3
54_o Start2 32 fan_brstm.mp3
55_o Start32 fan_brstm.mp3
56_o Wi-Fi waiting32_brstm.mp3
57_r 64 battle F_brstm.mp3
58_r 64 battle n_brstm.mp3
59_r 64 Circuit32 f_brstm.mp3
60_r 64 Circuit32 n_brstm.mp3
61_r 64 Jungle32 f_brstm.mp3
62_r 64 Jungle32 n_brstm.mp3
63_r 64 Kuppa32 f_brstm.mp3
64_r 64 Kuppa32 n_brstm.mp3
65_r 64 Sherbet32 f_brstm.mp3
66_r 64 Sherbet32 n_brstm.mp3
67_r agb battle F_brstm.mp3
68_r agb battle n_brstm.mp3
69_r AGB Beach32 f_brstm.mp3
70_r AGB Beach32 n_brstm.mp3
71_r AGB Kuppa32 f_brstm.mp3
72_r AGB Kuppa32 n_brstm.mp3
73_r ds battle F_brstm.mp3
74_r ds battle n_brstm.mp3
75_r DS Desert32 f_brstm.mp3
76_r DS Desert32 n_brstm.mp3
77_r DS Garden32 f_brstm.mp3
78_r DS Garden32 n_brstm.mp3
79_r DS Jungle32 f_brstm.mp3
80_r DS Jungle32 n_brstm.mp3
81_r DS Town32 f_brstm.mp3
82_r DS Town32 n_brstm.mp3
83_r GC Battle32 F_brstm.mp3
84_r GC Battle32 n_brstm.mp3
85_r GC Beach32 f_brstm.mp3
86_r GC Beach32 n_brstm.mp3
87_r GC Circuit32 f_brstm.mp3
88_r GC Circuit32 n_brstm.mp3
89_r GC Mountain32 f_brstm.mp3
90_r GC Mountain32 n_brstm.mp3
91_r GC Stadium32 f_brstm.mp3
92_r GC Stadium32 n_brstm.mp3
93_r sfc battle F_brstm.mp3
94_r sfc battle n_brstm.mp3
95_r SFC Circuit32 f_brstm.mp3
96_r SFC Circuit32 n_brstm.mp3
97_r SFC Obake32 f_brstm.mp3
98_r SFC Obake32 n_brstm.mp3
99_strm me_brstm.mp3

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