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New Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, “New” Pokemon, and 12th Movie Details!

New Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, “New” Pokemon, and 12th Movie Details!

by Hassan AhmedDecember 11, 2008


CoroCoro magazine details are slowly being released since it’s that time of the month in Japan. First up is the news about the supposed new 5th generation Pokemon that would be revealed in the 12th Pokemon movie. All the evidence seemed to lean that way at least, however it seems now that the supposed “new” Pokemon might just be Pichu. Remember the ear of the “new” Pokemon that we saw in the trailer? Now check out the picture above from CoroCoro magazine and it looks to me like that “new” Pokemon is just a Pichu. Pichu is a small, yellow, electric-type Pokemon after all, which fits the description. Nothing has been confirmed though, so don’t get disappointed just yet.

We also have two rough translations of the 12th movie title: “Toward Conquering the Emptiness of Space-Time” and “Towards The Overcome’s Time Space”. And since Arceus is very likely to be in the movie, its name will probably be added to the title once he is announced, as they have done in the previous movies. CoroCoro also states that we will get new information on the 12th movie at Japan’s World Hobby Fair in late January. But that’s not all! A new Pokemon will be unveiled at the World Hobby Fair as well. That sounds to me like the hidden Pokemon in the trailer is Pichu, however we’re still getting a 5th generation Pokemon in the 12th movie which will be revealed in late January.

And lastly, this bit of news should excite many Pokemon fans. CoroCoro mentions that in their next issue (releases January 15th), we will get details on the next installment on the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. That’s right, we’re getting some new Mystery Dungeon titles. I enjoyed the DS ones, so I’m really looking forward to the details on the new Mystery Dungeon games. Since these details were leaked out, it’s possible we could get more details in the coming days, including clarification on if Pichu is hidden by the question mark or if it’s another Pokemon. Stay tuned to WiiNintendo for the latest!

UPDATE: PokeBeach got a better translation of the title of the 12th Pokemon movie: “To the Conquering of Space-Time”. Sounds like someone is going to take down Dialga and Palkia… Arceus maybe?

[Via PokeBeach and Serebii]

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  • nintendfreak
    February 19, 2009 at 10:11 pm

    ive been thinking of pokemon iron version,pokemon steel version , pokemon jade version , pokemon quarts version , pokemon gem version , pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of space , explorers of earth , and POKEMON ULTRA VERSION , oh i forgot POKEMON MYSTERY DUNGEON ULTRA

  • sir john
    March 11, 2009 at 1:27 am

    pls. tell them that my friends and i are pokefans and tell them that i like to have another generation of pokemon……ty!!

  • anya
    June 22, 2009 at 10:03 am

    i can not get pokemon cartoon.what to do?

  • sean mcadam
    November 20, 2009 at 5:50 pm

    to me theres another image of the ear and it looks like luxray nothing big

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