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Shigeru Miyamoto Keynote at Digital Contents Expo Coverage

Shigeru Miyamoto Keynote at Digital Contents Expo Coverage

by Hassan AhmedOctober 23, 2009


Shigeru Miyamoto’s keynote at the Digital Contents Expo began at 12:30 am eastern time and is now over. Read a quick summary below and then hit the jump for the full google translated details.

Nothing was announced.

That’s right, nothing. The only thing we had to go by were Japanese Twitter accounts and Google Translate made things pretty confusing. From what I gathered, it seems Miyamoto just talked about his Lifetime Achievement Award, detailing his life’s work. They showed an old video of Miyamoto and then he began to talk. He talked about how he wanted to design puppet dolls in elementary school and draw comics when he was in junior high. He then went on to talk about many of the games he worked on, like Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, and more.

He discussed things like how Nintendo didn’t like the idea of the original Zelda at first. Kirby was originally named Tinkle Popo. Random things like that. And then he finished by saying he wants to go back to the basics and said that the gaming industry is at its finest when the games are easy to understand and easy to play. And with that, the keynote was over. Nothing announced.

Full Details on Miyamoto’s keynote (Note: Most everything below are Google translations from Japanese Twitter accounts or translations by members of the NeoGAF forums)…
– Miyamoto entered to a crowded room, some people had to stand.
– Discovery Asia Awards 2009 presented graphs.
– Shigeru Miyamoto, the most recent to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award, is still active, he says.
– Miyamoto: I was doing band, playing bluegrass music. Was a pretty child with long hair at the time.
– Intro video begins (an old video of Miyamoto?)
– Miyamoto: Wii is going to go back to the basics that made the game
– Asked if he was related to Miyamoto Musashi and he said no and laughed.
– Miyamoto: in-house work and not call. Throughout the house I called to make products. Because they lead from the audience.
– Miyamoto: elementary school when I wanted to do comics. Mr. Akatsuka, Dr. Tezuka. I wanted a puppet. I ran right? Island Dongabacho gourd characters like Mario
– Miyamoto: The shining star was the Kuni Noi engineering, industrial design to the road but I can never forget the pictures.
– Miyamoto: Inbedagemu see, Nintendo has focused on developing a full-fledged game
– “Shigeru Miyamoto, known as work, not products. Around the elementary school wanted to create a puppet doll. Cookie-cutter comics in junior high. After studying industrial design.”
– Miyamoto: Game elements to decompose. Why are 100 Invader 200 yen to 300 yen after you put a circle?
– “Donkey Kong from thinking that because there’s a pretty logical. I think I will just have heard about, and produce it from scratch, it’s awesome that”
– “game Donkey Kong can be seen is aimed at anyone. Super Mario made a game anyone can play.”
– Miyamoto: The concept of Donkey Kong. Decide to see the moment I saw the game screen. To move from point to point in that. Devise a ladder or structure within it.
– Miyamoto: The NES sold three years later, what was said boom end soon. In that time, Super Mario stick your all-time hit.
– Miyamoto: The Zelda is put a growing element in not only point to go. RPG action game that Ppoku. Large in-house, including the opposition.
– “the perspective of players grow, RPG action game try to use from. –> Birth of Zelda”
– Miyamoto: Yaro if you have the sword in the other boring stuff, and I’m so happy with it from getting the sword in the middle.
– Talking about how Nintendo opposed the creation of the original Zelda (action game with RPG elements)
– Miyamoto: Coach returns to work after a long 40 years of age too. Mario 64. 3D is fun and full of new ideas coming out of the game and think.
– Miyamoto: The Super Nintendo controller into a single button 4 button design LR. This also heated debate within the company. When the 64 put on a stick in the middle.
– “Mr. Miyamoto is left-handed”
– Miyamoto: 64 Namco sort of amazing when the 3D polygons.
– “I starfox. PS thank you to 3D imprisonment, SGI is the zbuffer Maketa. Namco Porigonsoto victory. The company is great.”
– Miyamoto: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, 3D story became famous in the United States and magnificent.
– Nintendo didn’t like Zelda’s free roaming open world. Coz the players wouldn’t know where to go next.
– Miyamoto: The GameCube controller is a little failure. LR of the analog button. Pikmin = done is going to make a game even beloved girl. The song caught on time.
– “They told me Americans prefer cool over cute”. About Pokemon.
– Miyamoto: What can be said with the Cantabile What is not this, I think Stars sub-America relations, but also in the house.
– Kirby was formerly known as “Tinkle Popo”?.
– “Mr. Miyamoto, by placing the characters in the game to make it interesting, popular character was born.”
– Miyamoto said that both NoE and NoA hated the name Wii, because it sounded like a slang word for urine. But now many people feel familiar with the name.
– Miyamoto: I can not win if you sleep easy. No failure in life. Following will thrive.
– “in challenging, Miyamoto has been working in the spirit it would be manageable. I just had to do something so awesome from”
– Miyamoto: The technology may have advanced, technoid Conversely, enlargement of the organization, rising production costs.
– “made from a small firm in structure, large number of people moving into work.”
– Miyamoto: Super Mario 2 is the height of the jump to something completely different that I’ve changed my dots.
– Miyamoto: Back to basics. Anyone can tell a hand when I was like Mario. You can see a flash.
– Something about games getting too complex for new gamers and returning to gaming’s roots
– Miyamoto: How this story. People who make video games are making the content of the highest in the world. Have the ability to create interactive and intuitive. Electronics. People to be admired rather than make hardware manufacturers and software applications. For example, DS has interactive titles.
– Miyamoto; interactive technology is useful in any category. WiiFIT in satisfaction scale so sold in the world. Going to do that rather than creating new works and the next, so the health industry.
– “easy to use, the game industry in terms of making the highest clarity.”
– “who is making the game fun and interesting stories.”
– He said the gaming industry is at its finest when the games are easy to understand, easy to play.
– And it’s over.

[Via NeoGAF and Twitter]

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