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You Choose the Review!

You Choose the Review!

by Jacob StromMay 1, 2010

Starting in June, I hope to start pumping out quite a few reviews. Why am I telling you this? I want your help in choosing which games to review! Many of us do not have the cash to go out and purchase video games hoping that they won’t end up being a waste of our time and cash. To try and help you guys out, I will be choosing about two games or so a month to review decided on your comments below this post.

1: This must be a game for the Nintendo Wii or Nintendo DS (WiiWare and DSiWare included)
2: The game must currently be available to purchase at retail.
3: Votes MUST be submitted in the comment section below this post or in our forums.

Winners will be selected randomly, by majority, or however else I feel like deciding :]

I look forward to reviewing games for you guys!

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