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D.I.Y. Billie Joe Armstrong Guitar w/ Stickers For Rock Band: Green Day

D.I.Y. Billie Joe Armstrong Guitar w/ Stickers For Rock Band: Green Day

by Bradley DeLorenzoJune 5, 2010

Original black Fender guitar from Rock Band.

I wanted to make a REAL quick replica of Billie Joe’s Fender Fernandez Stratocaster circa 1994 (Pictured Above) to use for the up coming Rock Band: Green Day. In total, I spent about 2 hours throwing this all together.

First thing, remove the screws around the fret board so it’s a lot easier to paint.

Technically Billie Joe’s guitar is a Cadillac 1956 Sonic Blue (DAL-11475-DQE), but I just went to Lowes and eye ball’d it. I chose “Surf Spray” Extreme Gloss (5002-7B). Looks fine to me. Purist may argue…

I did about 3 coats, just to get it all shiny and what not.

I took a photo of the Rock Band guitar and brought it into Photoshop where I measured it up and re-sized the stickers accordingly. I found a lot of these stickers here, but I also went ahead and re-created about 5 of them. Billie Joe’s guitar has a bunch of stickers placed under the ones that surfaced during 1994, so I also grabbed a few stickers I knew he had or put on at a later date to build the foundation. You can download and print the images above, they are exactly to scale to the Rock Band guitar.

I cut out all of the images and sprayed adhesive on them and stuck them on to match Billie Joe’s guitar.

Finished product. I had a red guitar strap (which is what Billie Joe had in 1994), I also electric taped the strap to match Billie Joe’s.

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