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WiiNintendo Server Problems

WiiNintendo Server Problems

by Bradley DeLorenzoSeptember 8, 2010

As many of you may have seen (or not) and our forums ( have been CRAWLING the past week or so.

I’ve spent countless hours messing around with plugins, running SQL tuner/optimizer scripts, repairing databases, etc.

With the help of my host MediaTemple we systematically went through all SQL queries and slowly but surely discovered a few leaks in the site.

– Our images were being hotlinked from other sites (some were x-rated spam sites). So, I wrote a line of code in our .htaccess file to stop that. I also installed a plugin to wordpress to help with hotlinking.

– We were getting SQL queries (400 in 1 minute) from crawlers and bots. Some reputable like Google and Yahoo!, but there were some other ones from Brazil and other undetermined IP’s that would consistently be crawling the site. We blocked them all.

– The site was still acting up and we eventually found that de-activating the Disqus commenting system brought the site up to blazing fast speeds.

Next steps are to continue without Disqus for a few days and make sure everything is still running full steam ahead. I’ll look into re-installing Disqus when it can play nice with my server.

Edit 1: It Appears that Disqus Plugin Version 2.48 in particular is the problem, so I downgraded to 2.46. We’ll see if this is indeed the culprit.

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