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Disney’s Tangled Wii Review

Disney’s Tangled Wii Review

by Jeremy HardinDecember 7, 2010

A WiiNintendo game review by JHardin1112.

Game – Disney’s Tangled
Version – Wii
Time Spent Playing – 4.5 hours (Completed)
Obtained – Review Copy courtesy of Disney Interactive Studios via FortySeven Communications

For those who haven’t seen the trailers or the movie, Tangled is Disney’s retelling of the classic fairytale Rapunzel.  And Disney’s Tangled for the Wii is a game based off of this most recent animated film.  In the game players will take on the role of both the main characters from the movie, Flynn Rider and Rapunzel.  Players can choose which character they want to control and you will need to switch between characters in order to progress.  Which ever character you are not controlling at the time will be controlled by AI, following along as you explore the levels.  Using Flynn and Rapunzel players will solve puzzles, paint, race, engage in swordplay, and discover hidden treasures along the way to confronting evil Mother Gothel and releasing Rapunzel.  The game does feature in-game voice-overs from the movie actors/actress with Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi (Chuck on NBC) as Flynn and Rapunzel which is a nice added touch for those who have seen the movie.

Gameplay and Controls
Players will start off the game within the main area of the tower which acts as a hub for the rest of the game.  Players will have a choice of whether they want to look at their stats, view credits, view their journal, paint a mural on the wall, participate in challenges(mini-games) or go to the map and choose a level to play.  During the course of the game players can obtain Sundrops using Rapunzel or coins using Flynn.  Other collectibles to be had are Journal Items, these act as stamps when painting, Color Collectibles which consists of color palettes hidden throughout levels.  Upon collecting enough of these you will unlock a new color to use when painting.   Flynntution Chests are buried treasure chest that Flynn can sense and he will dig them up, and finally Healed Objects which are flowers that Rapunzel heals by spinning around them.  All mini-games and activities that are completed in game are then unlocked to be played at any time via the hub world.  Players control the game by using both the Wii remote and nunchuk.  By pressing B, control of the characters will switch back and forth, A is used to jump, and the Nunchuk is used  to move around.  In order to make Rapunzel spin around and use her hair to “heal” flowers, players must shake the Wii remote.  When controlling Flynn, players can shake the Wii remote to activate Flynn’s ground attack in which he forcefully slams his sword to the ground knocking down enemies and destroying any destructible objects within range.  It may be worth noting that the game can also be played with just the Wii remote for those who dislike the default control scheme.  And for the younger games who are having trouble playing, Tangled has the “Hold My Hand” feature which is activated by pressing down on the D-pad.  When playing two players this allows both characters to hold hands and let only one player control where they are going, jumping, etc.

Gameplay consists of players walking around a map with 3d locales set up along the way.  Only the first location is unlocked at first with each location unlocking in order of how the movie plays out.  Each level is introduced by a cut-scene which is rendered in a style as though it was hand drawn or painted.  This scene appears as you are watching it, imagine someone is telling a story and as they speak images gradually appear before your eyes.  This is the style used, but of course it happens in a much quicker pace than what I described.  After the cut-scenes, players assume control in a 3d environment reflecting key locales in the movie.  Your task is explore the level, collecting as many sundrops and coins as you can, as well as hidden treasure.  There is also the occasional enemy to defeat other hidden collectibles to find.  You will never find yourself lost in the game because you will be told where to go by an on-screen prompt and a big yellow arrow.  In order to progress through a level you will be given tasks and challenges to complete by the friendly NPC’s.  These task range from making noise to wake someone up, making bar patrons dance, jumping on mushrooms, racing goats, escaping from someone, and more.  Each mini-game has 3 levels to achieve and while I always completed each task successfully, I have read that you could fail each task and still the game would progress as though you succeeded in your challenge.  The final aspects of game-play are focused on obstacles during exploration.  At times, you will come across sections that only Flynn or Rapunzel can reach.  However, once at these locations there is always a tree branch at the edge of cliff which players can use to bring the AI character up to their location.  If Rapunzel is on the ground and Flynn is at the branch, players will press A at the branch and Flynn will kneel down with his hands open.  Players will then press B to switch control to Rapunzel.  As the player walks up to under where Flynn is kneeling they will be prompted to press A.  Doing so will cause Rapunzel to throw her hair up to Flynn.  Then Rapunzel will climb up to Flynn and the game continues.  The same can be done if Rapunzel is up top, she lowers her hair to Flynn for him to climb up.  One minor thing to mention is that along the way players will encounter thorn bushes on the path, only Flynn can cut them down with his sword.  I don’t know what to say about Pascal, Rapunzel’s pet lizard.  He doesn’t do anything but pop up on the corner of the screen jumping and pointing in the direction you need to go.  When you are fighting an enemy he appears on-screen and turns red and in a comical fashion pantomimes a fight.  Cute, but not very entertaining.

Visuals and Sound
The sound is good but it won’t leave a lasting impression on you.  This is not a negative, but rather a simple statement of the lasting appeal of the sound.  The visuals are very well done in my opinion.  The in-game characters look just like the movie counter-parts, and I wouldn’t expect anything less, especially from Disney.  The animation of the characters is charming and I feel as though Disney put some good effort into the character animations.  If you are controlling Flynn and running along, he takes loose, comical strides.  And if you are controlling Rapunzel and running along, she skips.  It is all very cute and fun.  The cut-scenes are designed quite well and the style used is fitting with the whole idea of painting.  Plus, the 3d cut-scenes look perfect as well.  The one area I felt that was lacking in the design department was the over-world map.  The map looks blurry and rough, and I felt that given the level of visuals throughout the rest of the game, the map could have used a little more polish.  Definitely not a deal-breaker though.

Concluding Overall Impressions
Tangled is a fun, entertaining game for the target audience of 6-11 year olds, especially those who have seen the movie.  With spot on voice-overs from the main actor/actress in the movie, co-op game-play, visuals right out of the movie, fun mini-games, and replay value, Tangled is a must buy for fans of the movie.  And if you have not seen the movie, it’s a great way to familiarize your kids with the story and characters and get them excited about Disney’s latest movie.

Final Score: 4 out of 5
For your children or the child in you, Disney’s Tangled would be a good addition to your library of Wii games.

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