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Conduit 2 – New Patch

Conduit 2 – New Patch

by Jeremy HardinMay 10, 2011

Straight from an HVS employee over on the Gamespot forums comes a list of fixes and enhancements to Conduit 2.


The time has come for another patch. This one has our largest fix list yet. Here’s what we were able to accomplish!

  1. Conflicting Map Fix – Occasionally players will spawn outside the edges of the map and repeatedly fall to their death. Unfortunately this problem requires lots of online players because it wasn’t possible for us to reproduce. Let us know if you still experience this.
  2. Negative Credits from Blueprint Reimbursement Fix – Some have been the unlucky recipient of millions of negative credits after being reimbursed for finding a blueprint for a weapon they already own.
  3. “Conduit Master” Achievement Fix – We’ve been following some of you collecting all of the game’s achievements, but not receiving the Conduit Master achievement. After downloading this patch, go into any multiplayer match and you should be awarded the achievement (if you have truly collected all of the rest).
  4. Reverse Damage in Invasion Mode Fix – Reverse Damage works in Online Multiplayer, but doesn’t work in Invasion Mode. Players should be healed by rad grenades.
  5. Helmet Upgrade Fix – The helmet upgrade was not actually providing any protection from headshots. Now it seriously reduces the damage from headshots.
  6. Headset Fix – Headsets were not always working between rivals. We hope this resolves the majority of the headset issues, but we cannot fully test this until the patch is released. Unfortunately this problem requires lots of online players (which we simply cannot reproduce.)
  7. China Progression Stopper Fix – If a player fell into the quicksilver at the same time they hit the checkpoint, they can be caught in a death-loop. It will also fix profiles that are stuck – no profile deletion necessary!
  8. Team Rebalancing Fix – Sometimes while in the lobby of a team game, all players were thrown to the right column, and players disappeared off of the list temporarily.
  9. Shrieker balancing – As you figured out, we “nerfed” the shrieker in our last patch, and we feel we might have over-nerfed it. We boosted the damage it causes a touch. Please let us know your opinion.
  10. Warp Pistol balancing – This weapon has won the unofficial award as the weakest weapon in the game. It has been improved. Don’t worry, you shouldn’t see an army of Warp Pistol users after this change. J
  11. Various Network Connection Improvements – We’ve done a handful of enhancements to improve connection lag. Hopefully some of you will notice a difference.

I wanted to let everyone know that we’ve been continuously reading your posts to this forum and to our fan email address. Almost all of the items above come from your observations. Please feel free to let us know what bothers you most, and we will endeavor to fix it!

This is a large fix list. Over the next few hours, we will be playing along with you and monitoring this forum closely. Feel free to let us know your observations.

See you in the game!!

Ghost Panda

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