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The Pokemon Kyurem getting new forme, Pokemon Grey perhaps?

The Pokemon Kyurem getting new forme, Pokemon Grey perhaps?

by Hassan AhmedFebruary 2, 2012


When Pokemon Platinum released, the Pokemon Giratina was on the cover… but in a brand new Forme not found in Diamond/Pearl versions. There has been much speculation that if there is indeed a third version of Pokemon Black/White (Pokemon Grey perhaps?), then Kyurem was the most likely one for the spot. Most Pokemon fans are predicting that Kyurem will get a new Forme… but much of that has been speculation and just going by what makes sense. Now, we have actual proof.

The site PokeBeach has done some research into the code for the Pokemon Black/White games. In that code, they found a list of all the Pokemon who have alternate formes. That list includes Unown, Deoxys, Rotom, Shaymin, Deerling, and many others… including Kyurem. The sprite associated with it is the Pokemon Meloetta’s sprite, but that’s just a placeholder. The same thing happened with Diamond/Pearl, which had placeholders for new formes for Shaymin and Giratina, which appeared in Platinum.

So basically it is now confirmed that Kyurem will have an alternate form. And since this form doesn’t exist in Black/White, then we can put two and two together and get confirmation that there will be a third game for the 5th generation of Pokemon. What that game is called, what Kyurem’s new forme looks like, when we’ll find out about it officially… these are questions we don’t have answers to yet, but hopefully we soon will. Kyurem is appearing in the next Pokemon movie in Japan, so it’s highly likely we’ll get more info in the next few months. Personally I’m more interested in what system this inevitable third version will be on… DS or 3DS?

[via PokeBeach]

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