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Nintendo Download – May 24, 2012

Nintendo Download – May 24, 2012

by Steve CullumMay 24, 2012

I have some good news and bad news for you this week. Of course, everyone almost always wants to start with the bad news, so let us begin there. We only have two additional titles in this week’s Nintendo Download. The first of which is a collection. Game & Watch Gallery 2 brings five different classic games to your 3DS via the eShop. The only brand new title is Snakenoid Deluxe for DSiWare, which brings a twist to the classic block breaker game.

Now, onto better news. For those of you who already own Mighty Switch Force, you can now download some FREE downloadable content (DLC). This “enhanced version” now offers five additional levels, enhanced stereoscopic effects to previous levels, and a retry button for all you speed-runners. Head over to the 3DS eShop to download the free update. For those who have not purchased the game yet, now is a great time to do so. (Check out our review for more details about the original game.)

One other thing worth mentioning is a new free 3D movie trailer will be hitting the Nintendo Video app on May 26. What movie? That would be Madagascar 3.

Be sure to check out the price list and official press release below, and let us know if you download a game/app and what you think.

3DS eShop (3DS)

  • Game & Watch Gallery 2 ($3.99)
  • Mighty Switch Force DLC (FREE)

DSiWare (DSi/3DS)

  • Snakenoid Deluxe ($4.99 / 500 Points)
Nintendo Video (3DS)
  • Madagascar 3 in 3D trailer (FREE starting May 26, 2012)



[PR Email from Nintendo of America]

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