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Nintendo Developer Round-Table Info & Photos

Nintendo Developer Round-Table Info & Photos

by Steve CullumJune 6, 2012

This evening, I got the chance to sit in Nintendo’s developer round-table discussion. Two of the developers sat down with a small private audience, who was told we could not do any video recording. Thus, here are the bits of info gained in written form.

  • NintendoLand will contain more of an immersive experience than a typical mini-game collection like Wii Play.
  • Each of the 12 “parks” within NintendoLand will have both single and multiplayer.
  • The hub world of NintendoLand will start empty, but you can unlock and add statues by playing the game.
  • Another park/game was revealed to be F-Zero themed, and a quick race was shown. (I apologize I did not get any photos, as I was mesmerized by watching.) We were only shown the TV screen, and not the GamePad screen.
  • NintendoLand may or may not be packed in with Wii U. They have not decided yet.
  • MiiVerse will be integrated into the theme park hub world of NintendoLand.
  • MiiVerse was said to be more than just a social network message board within Wii U. It also changes as you work within it.
  • Nintendo will monitor MiiVerse for spoilers, bad language, and other inappropriate things.
  • Boost Mode multiplayer was shown in New Super Mario Bros. U, which allows for the player with the GamePad to interact with the level, even adding blocks.
  • Nintendo is looking forward to showing us all the fun you can have with two GamePads, but they did note it will naturally take a small hit in performance, due to pushing images to three screens.
  • They are currently working on including the ability to transfer Wii downloadable games and game saves to your Wii U.

With that, the round-table was over. It seemed the biggest news was F-Zero’s integration into NintendoLand. Enjoy some photos I grabbed during the event.

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