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NintendoFuse Selects: Top 20 Wii Games

NintendoFuse Selects: Top 20 Wii Games

by Greg DabkeyOctober 29, 2012

With the Wii U on the horizon, the Wii has been out for nearly 6 years.  NintendoFuse wanted to give a listing of our favorite games over the course of the generation.  We each made a top 10 list and were able to merge them together, giving us a list of the top 20 Wii games, in the eyes of the staff.

#20 Warioware Smooth Moves

This game was a very fun entry into the series, with the amusing introductions to a new pose.  The game had single remote multiplayer, but provided hours of microgame mayhem.  Definitely had lots of memorable laughs and fun playing this game.

#19 Boom Blox

An unusual gem that was really addictive to play, the game offered several different modes — throwing objects at towers or even playing games like Jenga and removing blocks from the tower.  It is definitely a quirky type of game, and one that could provide the “Wii shoulder,” but it is definitely a ton of fun in small amounts.

#18 Wii Sports

This would not be a good top twenty list without the highest selling Wii game.  Okay, it came with the system, but to many, this was the reason to buy a Wii.  You could bowl, box, play tennis, go bowling, play golf, and play baseball.  Bowling made this game and everybody loved it, but the others were incredibly fun as well.  Everybody wanted to play these games in their living room, and it did a beautiful job showcasing the abilities of the Wii Remote.

#17 No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

No More Heroes 2 is a very unique game.  Yes, it is a mature game — definitely not one for the kids.  Again, it is another game with great visuals, but it was the quirkiness of this game is what really set it apart.  The mini-games are cool too.  Oh, and who does not like to save your game by sitting on the toilet? I mean, c’mon!

#16 Epic Mickey

Okay, the camera stunk.  But the game is still very enjoyable and manageable to play.  With two different ways to go through the game and plenty of pins to collect, it still provided hours of exploration and adventure.  Despite the camera (which really is not THAT bad), the game is still one of the best Wii games around.

#15 Wii Sports Resort

The sequel to the most popular Wii game also made the list.  It introduced Motion Plus, which only a handful of games support, but will be used significantly more with the Wii U console.  There were more games this time around, which allowed for really fun activities like fencing, Frisbee, archery, cycling, ping pong and even an updated bowling game, among several others.  This was definitely another fun local multiplayer game to own!

#14 Resident Evil 4: Wii edition

Initially, you might dismiss RE4, because it may seem like just a port of a GameCube title. However, it is a fantastic port of one of the best GameCube titles! RE4 changed the zombie-game in many ways. In fact, most modern zombie titles are based off the model setup in RE4. The motion controls are spot-on as well. If you are a survival-game fan, and have not checked out Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, you may want to check yourself for the T-Virus.

#13 Excite Bots: Trick Racing

Transforming robots that race, several unlockables, zany mini-games, still active online community of racers and poker racing (you play Poker while you are racing).  It is a new take on racing games, where your goal is not to finish first necessarily, but to amass the most stars by the end of the race.

#12 Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

While it is one of the original launch titles, and one that was ported from Gamecube, it is still a good game.  The darker setting, being able to transform into a wolf, and traveling between the Twilight world and the Light world made this a very good game.   This was a must-own game, as it was easy on the motion controls, introduced some really cool new weapons, and had a great story.

#11 Super Smash Brothers Brawl

How could a modern Nintendo system be complete without an entry to one of Nintendo’s strongest series?  Super Smash Brothers Brawl adds several new characters, new items, and new levels. Most of all, it added in Final Smashes, online play, and that Subspace adventure.  It also offers four methods of controls, including the GameCube controller.  Some say it is the best in the series, while others find Melee to be a little better. Regardless, it is a quality must-own title on the Wii.

#10 New Super Mario Brothers Wii


This game made playing with friends much more enjoyable.  Instead of the traditional way of alternating turns between friends, now you and up to three of your buddies can all play at the same time.  This lead to players either having to work together, or having fun wrecking it for each other by throwing them into pits or into enemies.  No doubt this game can provide all sorts of entertainment or cooperative play, but even playing it solo was incredibly enjoyable.  With new powerups and an epic Bowser battle, this is another must-own title.

#9 Metroid Prime Trilogy

Now, this is definitely a solid entry.  Not only is it rare now, but it contains three games in one.  The first two Metroid Primes were updated with Metroid Prime 3 controls, which made the originals that much better. If you love the Metroid series, you know the Prime Trilogy are some of the best, and what better way then to package all three in together?  If you can find this rarer Trilogy pack, we say you should definitely buy it!

#8 Red Steel 2

Red Steel 2 puts players in the titular role of a sword swinging, gun toting good guy out to avenge the murder of his clan.  Players will traverse a fairly expansive Old West town out in the desert going into and on top of buildings, underground mines and caves.  The cell shaded graphics are crisp and smooth, a real visual treat and the controls are incredibly precise and customizable.  There are a wide range of enemies, both human and robotic, each with special abilities and weapons.  The upgrade system is a little unbalanced in your favor, but there are several sword and gun power-ups which will vary your gameplay experience.  The use of the Wiimote with the sword and gun mechanics combined with keeping track of the player is done quite well and your arm will get a real workout when it comes to swinging your sword.  We highly recommend you go out and buy Red Steel 2 today!

#7 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

This reimagining of the Silent Hill story contains some very good graphics and chilling gameplay.  You and your daughter are involved in a car crash outside of town on a snowy night.  After you awaken alone in your car you set out in a snow storm armed with only a flashlight as you search for your daughter.  There are several  key moments in the game in which you have to make choices.  These choices will affect other areas of the game and I found it to be a  good way to immerse the player in the story.  Of course, Shattered Memories is not all about trudging around in the snowed in town looking for your daughter.  You will have monsters to face and it will not be easy.  See the exhilarating twist to the game is that there is no combat.  Once you are faced with enemies, all you can do is run away as fast as possible.  While you are on the run you can knock over bookcases or shelves etc in order to slow down the monsters, but in the end you just have to outrun them.  We would classify this game as a psychological thriller, as it messes with your mind from start to finish.  It will not take terribly long to finish the game, perhaps less then 8 hours, but the journey is a worthwhile one while it lasts.

#6 Donkey Kong Country Returns

DK returns in style with platforming greatness that was found on the Super Nintendo.  This game is tough, just like the original, and jam packed with secrets, hidden bonus areas, and some crazy minecart levels.  It also includes time challenges and even a mirror mode.  If you want a challenge and a game loaded with content, then this is the game for you. You can even play the entire game in co-op!

#5 Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure

Zack and Wiki is all about a boy pirate and his flying golden monkey, who are on a search for Barbaros’ Treasure.  The game is setup like those old Lucas Arts games, as it is almost entirely point-and-click.  Although, you do not control the characters directly; you lead them throughout each level, and decide their actions.  The visuals are reminiscent of Wind Waker, so if you appreciated that, you will really like the visuals and graphics of Zack and Wiki.  There are several levels, each with a puzzle that must be solved.  These puzzles start off fairly easy, but you will find the difficulty increases quickly as you progress, which makes for a great challenge.  The lighting and visual effects are a nice added touch.  We think Zack and Wiki is an under-appreciated gem of a game, and it should definitely be in your library.  Plus, you can get it for super cheap these days – $6.99 pre-owned from Gamestop – so go out and pick it up today!

#4 Mariokart Wii

Mario Kart is typically a must-own game on every platform, and this one is no exception.  It upgraded the max number of players to 12 (from 8), and includes some very memorable courses and, of course everyone’s favorite, bikes.  Many agree that the bikes are a little over powered, but that does not make them any less fun to use.  It also has a stellar online mode that bested Super Smash Brothers Brawl. The only issue is those that like to hack their way to winning, which fortunately does not happen a lot (and they usually are either booted or leave after a race, so the player may continue playing).  Regardless, this game is probably the highest grossing one in the series, and that proves that everything about this game is quite solid.

#3 Xenoblade

Xenoblade Chronicles was part of Operation Rainfall, and since it was finally released here in the US earlier this year, we say the Operation was a success! Xenoblade Chronicles follows Shulk, his friend Reyn, and other characters, as they seek justice and defend their people from the evil Mechons, a race of mechanical creatures who live on another area of the world.  All action is real time, so when you see enemies in the world, you can decide to fight or avoid them.  The fighting is done on a semi-automatic basis.  You only control one character at a time, so the other two in your party will attack without command.  If you are close enough to an enemy in battle, you will attack.  The battles are excellent, and the leveling-up is gratifying.  The actual world is massive! We mean one giant, open world with incredible visuals, landscapes and colors.  The plot is intriguing and will keep your interest piqued.  The number of side quests exceeds 450, so there is no worry of running out of things to do.  Oh, and one more thing, the soundtrack is really quite good and very catchy!

#2 Super Mario Galaxy 2

While Super Mario Galaxy offered a very enjoyable experience, Nintendo outdid themselves with its sequel.  Instead of a hub world like the original, Mario 64, and Sunshine, this one offers maps, like those found in the NSMB series.  This game also sports 241 stars to gather, and an epic final galaxy challenge.  There is even a throwback galaxy modeled after a course from Mario 64.  Everything in the game is solid, including unique fun galaxies and new powerups.  We cannot forget the inclusion of Yoshi, and how Luigi even becomes playable to collect his own stars.

#1 Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Here we are, at the number one slot.  It is none other than what many see as the Wii’s final “Swan Song,” meaning the last main headliner title for the console.  This game tells the story of the creation of Hyrule, the Master Sword, and even Link’s association with Ganon.  It has an epic story, plenty of challenges throughout the dungeons, numerous side-quests, upgradable weapons, and offers some of the highest level of graphics for a Wii game.  It will take over 100 hours of gameplay to complete all the quests, main story, and locate each and every item.  One of the biggest new features was the Motion Plus controls.  Players had to be knowledgeable on how to control the sword, as enemies were no longer just a single swing away and easily defeated.  The player had to figure out how and where to strike at the proper time to defeat not only bosses, but mini-bosses, along with some normal enemies found throughout the game.

About The Author
Greg Dabkey
Greg’s gaming hobby started by rescuing the Princess Peach in the original Super Mario Brothers on NES. His favorite series include Mariokart, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Fire Emblem. His favorite genres are action/adventure, RPG, puzzle/strategy and platforming. He has been blogging for NintendoFuse since November 2011.
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    October 29, 2012 at 9:55 am

    What’s up with the Xenoblade box art…?

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    November 21, 2012 at 8:20 pm

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  • K2L
    May 28, 2013 at 11:56 pm

    Games I got during my Wii ordeal: Wii Sports and its Resort sequel, Twilight Princess, Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, No More Heroes 1 and 2, Okami, Punch-Out!!, DKCR, RE4 Wii Edition, Skyward Sword, Pikmin 2 and The Last Story. I also borrowed and fully completed NSMB Wii.

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